Strategic Homeland & Security Consultancy

by Major General (f) Alon Levavi of the Israeli Police.

In our ever changing world, we are seeing that security is amongst the highest priorities for our daily life to continue as ‘normal’.

Globalization is no longer a term associated positive with word such as freedom and business opportunities, it also applies to threats. Threats can be local, within an organization, community, event, country, but it can also be cross-border.

With the help and experience of our team of experts from Israel, we can offer counter measures. You can count on us for things such as:

  • Strategic safety & security consulting
  • Crisis management
  • Operations management
  • Mass control + evacuation planning
  • Group profiling
  • Meta-data collection and analysis for remote interception

Our team is led by former Major General of the Israeli Police, Mr. Alon Levavi

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